2011 issue

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Get creative and win prizes

Post your interesting photo or 30 second video on Facebook, and win a free lunch. Get the most likes for your post and win £50


Get involved

Have your say and improve the student experience

In your final year? Give your opinion on what you have liked about your time at Manchester and what could be improved.

Thinking ahead

Who could write you a reference?

A good reference can make or break you as an applicant, start considering who might be a good candidate to write yours

Moving on from student housing

The next step in building your life as a graduate is finding the right home.

Your student life

Improving your essential skills

Online videos from top executives, and confidence training from your Students' Union.

Get involved

Opportunities with the Students' Union

A range of full time, paid elected positions and internships are available for current students, commencing June 2012.

Thinking ahead

Don’t know where to start?

Career KickStart is quick online service, designed to get you thinking about your career and decide what to do next.

Get involved

Exclusive opportunities for Manchester graduates

The Manchester Graduate Internship Programme (MGIP) offers amazing Manchester-based career opportunities exclusively for 2012 graduates from this University

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