2011 issue

Your studies

Are you on top of things? Or playing catch up?

Time management – it isn’t a task that sounds easy, and that’s because it isn’t. You really have to work on it to get it right. If you feel like you're being left behind, or you have made mistakes, then get advice, help, and make a change today.

Your student life

Life after 'swap me' - what if you didn't?

With the official 'swap me' period over, what happens if you haven't managed to swap your card yet? There is still chance to beat the September queues.

Thinking ahead

Think you have the potential to be a global graduate?

All expenses paid opportunity to meet successful Manchester alumni in New York and Singapore

It’s who you know

Making contacts and getting advice from those who have made it is an invaluable support as you start the climb up your career ladder. Manchester Gold Q&A – your direct line to real life experience.

Hot topic

Moving out? How to get your deposit back without deductions

Follow this Manchester Student Homes checklist to help you get your deposit back in full and make moving out hassle free.

Your student life

Free campus bus now runs until 9pm

The popular 147 bus has had its running times extended on a trial basis.

Visas for your graduation visitors

Many international students invite friends or family members to Manchester to help them celebrate their graduation. Find out what permissions and documents are needed.

PGR student event calls for submissions

An exciting event that brings together postgraduate researchers working in the broad fields of education will take place at the University in August.

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