What to do before you go home for Christmas

Published on 12 December 12

You may be looking forward to going home for Christmas, but to avoid any nasty surprises on your return, make sure you follow our checklist to keep your property safe

Going home checklist

General advice about keeping you and your property safe

The impression that all crimes occur during the hours of darkness is not always correct, there have been a number of crimes on campus during the day, usually involving mobile phones.

Many of the new generation smart phones/devices will have a tracking app available to download. Take advantage of this technology if it’s applicable. The Police have had a number of successes using the tracking facility. Although you need to make sure you password protect the tracking app so that the thief can’t easily disable it.

How to report crime

Please report any suspicious behaviour/people on campus to security on 0161 306 9966. Don’t worry about wasting security officers time they would sooner come out to a false alarm than not get a call in the first place.

If you are a victim of crime please report it to security on 0161 306 9966 or the Police on 101. If it’s an emergency and the crime has just happened, it’s 999.

For more information regarding safety around campus, visit the Crime Reduction at the University of Manchester Facebook page.

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