Police: "Shisha bar putting lives at risk"

Published on 25 January 13

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service is urging people to avoid the Oasis Lounge after the owners were banned from using the premises but is known to have continued opening.

The Rusholme shisha bar may be putting the lives of customers at risk by continuing to trade despite being ordered to close by fire officers.

The bar was served with a notice by GMFRS Fire Protection Officers in December but there have been reports that the bar was open again last weekend (Saturday, January 19).

As a result, fire officers are taking the unusual step of warning revellers that they could be putting their lives at risk if they go to the bar.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Peter O'Reilly, Director of Prevention and Protection for GMFRS, said: "We only prohibit businesses in very serious cases and I am concerned that customers at the Oasis Lounge do not know the risk they are taking by being in there.

"If a fire occurs in this building - which is made more likely due to the use of open charcoal burners - there is a very real risk that not everyone will make it out safely or even alive because there's no sufficient warning system and escape routes are inadequate."

Specialist Fire Protection Officers found that there was no adequate way of warning workers and customers of a fire and there were inadequate escape routes from the premises - meaning if a fire occurred people could be trapped in the premises.

No one connected with the Oasis Lounge appealed against the notice which remains in force.

Once a Prohibition Notice has been served, it is a criminal offence to breach it and this can result in a maximum fine of £5,000 or a two-year prison sentence.

Anyone entering the premises may be committing a criminal offence and could be prosecuted.

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