PGT blog: Emilie's blog 18/06/2013

Published on 20 June 13

Hi everyone, this is the first one of a series of blogs that I will be writing over the coming months


My name is Emilie and I’m a 22 year old Postgraduate student and have lived in Manchester over the last four years. Although semester two finished a couple of weeks ago I am still finding myself crazy busy trying to balance study (dissertation), work (job) whilst trying to give myself enough time to be social and essentially have a life!

It’s good news that the library and other university facilities have finally got rid of the crowds of noisy Undergraduates. However the combination of sunny weather and empty computer clusters often feels equally depressing. But things will be looking up in a week as I fly out for my 5thtrip to Cyprus! I am studying an MA in Archaeology and for all of us keen archaeology students our summers are essentially our Semester 3. It’s a chance for us to ditch the theory and head out (favourably to some hot exotic country) in order for us to develop our practical skills. Images of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft may immediately spring to mind but in fact digging is much less glamorous. 5:30 starts are a given, the amount of shade is almost laughable and the excitement you felt when you found your first piece of 4,000 year old pottery slowly disappears as you place the 300thsherd into your bucket.

Despite this I know it will be one of the most hilarious and rewarding experiences of my year and I will be updating my blog throughout to let you guys know how it is all going.  





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