2012 issue

Your student life

Wondering how you'll make your loan go the distance? Check out these budgeting tips

Surviving on a student budget isn’t easy, but you’re not alone. Find out where to get all of the best student offers and how to make your money last until payday.

Study Abroad, for the experience of a lifetime

Come along to the Study Abroad Fair to find out how to apply for overseas study, what it involves and the great benefits - including a suntan!

Turn your idea into reality with Venture Out from Manchester Business School

Do you have a great idea? No matter what course you're studying, here's your chance to win a £500 cash prize and turn your idea into a reality.

Get the edge with a Manchester Gold Mentor

Your chance to be mentored by an experienced professional who will support you with your career plans, and provide an insight into the sector you're interested in.

Worried you're on the wrong course?

If it’s taken you longer to settle down at University than you thought it would, or if you’re unhappy with the course you are doing, speak to somebody who can help

University update

New look for Library's Subject-specific Pages

Easily access resources and support that are directly related to your subject area.

Your studies

Improve your academic performance with DSO study skills

Looking to improve your note taking? Don’t know where to start with planning your assignments? DSO has the answer

University update

Confused about the new print system?

The new pull printing system gives you more control of your printing, but have you sussed it out yet?

Your student life

What's on this week?

Details of events and activities going on this week around campus

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