Oxford Road updates - January 2017

Transport works continue during exam period making January an extremely busy month, not only for the ongoing transformation of Oxford Road, but also for other developments taking place across the city.

Journey times for drivers and bus passengers are likely to be adversely affected throughout January and into February, particularly at peak travelling times.

So if you're coming into University to sit an exam, plan your journey in advance especially if you're coming from the city centre, whether you are driving or getting a bus allow yourself extra time.


Between 4 January and 8 January buses will be diverted from Oxford Road to allow resurfacing work to take place between Booth Street and Charles Street.


There are new, permanent changes to some city centre roads starting from 8 January which will affect general traffic using the Princess Street, Cross Street, Albert Square, Portland Street area. The changes are to accommodate the new Metrolink line running across the city centre. This will affect general traffic in the area and mean some bus stops are permanently moved.


Roadworks are planned for the A34 Brook Street – the section of road between Upper Brook Street and Princess Street – which will require its closure to all traffic between 9 January and 12 February. The closure is to allow a developer to safely make utilities connections.

More information can be found at:

TfGM: Oxford Road

Redevelopment of former BBC site on Oxford Road – Monday, 9 January to Sunday 12, February

Following completion of the resurfacing work on Oxford Road, Bruntwood’s redevelopment of the former BBC site (Circle Square) will require the full closure of Brook Street – between Upper Brook Street and Princess Street – in order to carry out essential utility connections.

TfGM are working with Manchester City Council to help drivers avoid congestion in the area, including the provision of travel advice.

Travel advice is available at:

TfGM: City centre works

If you regularly use this route, you are advised to familiarise yourself with the work in advance. Manchester City Council’s highway team will be signposting a diversion route for drivers but the area is expected to be busier than usual for much of the four weeks.

Metrolink’s Second City Crossing and permanent new traffic priorities – Sunday, 8 January

Alongside the transformation of the Oxford Road corridor, another major project, Metrolink Second City Crossing, is also nearing completion and from Sunday, 8 January, there will be permanent changes to city centre roads to ensure that trams, buses, cars and bikes can all share the space. The changes will mostly affect Princess Street and Cross Street.

The introduction of new and permanent changes in the city, as well as the closure of Brook Street for work, could combine to increase congestion on already busy routes, especially as both will occur around the same time.

You can find more information about what’s happening at:

TfGM: City centre works

Plan ahead and know your options

When you travel back into the city after the festive break, please be aware of the changes. Roads around the locations where work is taking place will be busier and journey times will be affected, so do plan ahead and explore alternative routes.

Travel information will be available at:

TfGM: City centre works

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