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Thinking ahead

Work Experience Bursary

Summer is fast approaching and one way you may be thinking of spending it could be by gaining some work experience. This can be expensive and the sector you’re most passionate about might not be as close to home or University as you’d like. Our Graduate Intern Meg, tells us how she accessed the Work Experience Bursary from The Careers Service in order to pursue an invaluable opportunity and secure a graduate job in marketing:

Your studies

How to deal with your exam results

Getting your results back can bring up many emotions, anxieties and worries. For some getting results they were predicted or even surpassed is a great time but for others the disappointment of not achieving what you expected can be really hard to handle. To help, here are some useful tips to dealing with those times when your marks weren’t quite what you expected:

Get involved

The JustFest Food Drive: support the community!

The JustFest Food Drive will support the Manchester Central Foodbank and is taking place on Monday, 13 and Friday, 17 February, outside the Chaplaincy on Oxford Road. So get involved and do something to make a difference in your local community.


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