Campus over Summer

Published on 1 June 17

Summer is here! Who isn’t looking forward to three months of great(ish) weather with no lectures?

Despite lectures being over and Oxford road being quieter, the University services and the campus area still have things going on.


Free study spots and library hours


With the undergrads gone for the summer, it’s a lot calmer on campus. From the 10th June onwards, library sites will switch to their summer hours. See their website for more information on opening times and alternative library sites on campus.


International Society


Make sure you keep an eye on the International Society as they’re having day trips to several famous spots around the UK such as Conwy Castle, Oxford and Stratford-upon-Avon. Additionally if you have the time to learn something new, they also have introductory language classes such as Russian and Spanish. Register now before they fill up.


Have fun in the park


Bring your running shoes and your Frisbees and go wild in the parks near campus. Here are the opening times for Platt Fields Park and Whitworth Park. If you want to take your sport to the next level, why not join the weekly south Manchester Parkrun on Saturday mornings. While you are already in the area, check out the Whitworth Art Gallery for some artistic inspiration.




Similarly to a park run, the sports facilities will be open throughout the Summer, this is a great time to enjoy a workout without worrying about the gym being over crowded. Ever considered having a relaxing swimming break from your dissertation at the Aquatics Centre?


Amazing queue-less food


Cooking can be fun but remember that many food places around Oxford Road will still be open during the summer. Although some campus catering areas will be shut down for the summer, this is an opportunity to discover something new. If you are willing to go further than Oxford Road for a bite, here are 8 new Manchester street food stalls.


Make the most of the Career Services


This is the perfect time to get help with your CV or even preparing for that job interview. The Careers Service  is available throughout the summer, and now with the undergrads gone it will be easier to get a hold of an appointment with a career advisor. 

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