Speak Up: the National Student Survey

Published on 24 January 13

The National Student Survey (NSS) is opens on Monday for final year undergraduates to give feedback and comments about your experience at university.

The NSS is a national survey of final year undergratuates. You will be asked to give feedback about your level of satisfaction and how it could have been improved. From Monday 28th January you will be asked to fill out the survey via email, or you can complete the survey here.

The survey is run independently by Ipsos MORI, so all of your details and answers will remain confidential. Ipsos MORI will email you with details of NSS, and may send reminders throughout the survey period by email, telephone, and text message. Complete the survey early to avoid being badgered by Ipsos MORI.

Your feedback makes a real difference

From feedback given in previous years, we have invested £10 million on refurbishing teaching rooms and social spaces and a further £20 million has been invested in securing star academic staff.

Take a look at Enhancing My Manchester Experience to find out about what other improvements are planned and what has already been done in response to your comments.

To find out about what issues have been raised within your School and how they are responding, contact your course rep.

For more about NSS, or to complete your survey, go to www.thestudentsurvey.com

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