2012 issue

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My Manchester Food Monthly

In this month's Food Monthly we will be looking different ideas to liven up your pancakes, romantic recipes for your valentine and the Sustainable Consumption Institute's What's Cooking recipe competition winners

Your student life

National Student Money Week

Get your finances together with advice from the University’s money advisor, find out how to win a basket full of shopping, and refresh your wardrobe for free

Thinking ahead

Focusing on Careers part one: Entrepreneurs

The first in our three part Careers special will focus on the help you can find to become a successful entrepreneur

Funding to go abroad this summer

Do you want to travel overseas in the summer of 2013?

Get involved

RAG week

Rag week is taking place from 11th – 17th February and bringing lots of different, fun activities on to campus, all raising money for great causes

Thinking ahead

Volunteer for your career

Find out how volunteering can boost your employability all week from Monday 11th February, 11am-3pm at University Place Foyer 

Your student life

Series of events to mark LGBT history month

Events throughout February include Jeanette Winterson in conversation, and a screening of the Alan Turing film

Smartphone Snatches - keep your smartphone safe

There has been an increase in phone snatches around Oxford Road so make sure you don’t become a victim and follow our simple steps to stay safe

Cycle safely, or you could get a nasty surprise

Cycle Safety event at University Place follows announcment that Police are planning a clampdown on cyclists who break the law

What's on this week?

Details of events and activities going on this week around campus

University update

Public artworks projected onto University Place tonight

Van Gogh's Sunflowers, and Lowry's Coming From the Mill among the images of publicly owned artworks to be projected onto the side of University Place this evening

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