VIDEO: What are we doing to improve your facilities?

Published on 9 May 13

You can't reach your learning potential without access to the facilities you need, when you need them. In part four of our series, Mattie asks Prof. Clive Agnew how the University is improving your facilities

Have you ever wondered what we do with your feedback?  You’ve filled in the surveys, you’ve told us what you want, but what actually changes as a result? Our new series of videos aims to give you an insight into what improvements we are making in response to what you’ve told us.

In the fourth video, Drama and English Literature student, Mattie, asks Prof. Clive Agnew - Vice-President for teaching, learning, and students - about improvements to lecture theatres and study spaces, the award-winning lecture podcast system, and some less obvious enhancements.

If you want to know more about the improvements we're making to your University as a result of feedback and consultation with students, visit the Enhancing My Manchester Experience microsite.

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