Video: Refreshers - a guide to what you may have missed

Published on 24 January 13

We know it's hard to keep track of everything in first semester. You've got so many different things vying for your attention that it's easy to miss some of the brilliant services and resources available.

The Refresher video contains messages from Dame Nancy Rothwell (Vice Chancellor and President of the University), Tommy Fish (Activities and Development Officer at the Students’ Union), Meaghan and Melissa (Student Co-ordinators for Peer Support), Nuria and Zach (Hall Sport student co-ordinators), Anna and Lee (Careers and Employability Division), and Dr Rashid Bani (Occupational health GP).

To find out more about Peer Support, Occupational health, and the Careers service, take a look at our 'Three services you might not know about' article or for more information about Sport, Societies, and what Manchester has to offer, see our '500 ideas for taking a break' article.

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