2011 issue

Your studies

Are you on top of things? Or playing catch up?

Time management – it isn’t a task that sounds easy, and that’s because it isn’t. You really have to work on it to get it right. If you feel like you're being left behind, or you have made mistakes, then get advice, help, and make a change today.

Your student life

What would you do without your laptop? Your phone?

Even if you have insurance against theft and damage, losing technology you use every day is a huge blow, particularly during important study periods.

Notice to Mac users – your computer may be infected

A large number of Apple Mac computers on campus (mainly within Halls of Residence) have been found to be infected with the 'Flashback' Trojan.

Hot topic

How do you rate your teaching?

Tell Us about the quality of your learning experience – and let us know what could be improved - by completing your online Unit Surveys from Monday 30 April until Friday 11 May.

University update

Students bring home the Christie Cup

Manchester swept to victory this week and claimed the top spot at the 2012 Christie Championships.

Thinking ahead

Make this summer the one that changes your life

Up to £800 is available to support your summer internship and boost your employability.

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