Welcome to the community and your new home

Published on 26 September 16

Manchester Student Homes welcomes you to the Community with a handy guide to living off campus. The guide provides lots of useful hints and tips including, a moving in checklist, area guide, housing advice and information about how to get involved with local community groups and activities.

Be a Good Neighbour

You are part of a wider community and so it's important to show consideration for your neighbours whose lifestyles are likely to be different from yours, such as young families and older residents. Students are, and continue to be, the best possible ambassadors for the universities simply by being good and considerate neighbours.

Neighbourhood Helpline

If you are having an issue with student neighbours, get in touch with us. The Neighbourhood Helpline is a 24-hour voicemail service for all members of the community (long term residents and students) to report issues or problems concerning students' behaviour in residential areas.

Your new home

Whether you are living in a shared house, a private hall or university hall, there are a few more things that you need to remember to do, or you might find yourself in a bit of a jam for the next year:

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