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Your student life

Make the most of your money

Want to know more about postgraduate funding? Am I eligible for a bursary? Need help budgeting? Want to know more about placement funding?

Get involved

A penny saved is a penny earned

As the semester nears to a close and your student loan is dwindling, money worries may be getting you down. Have you thought about using something new to managing your money?

Your studies

Thinking about postgrad study?

Although it might seem a long time off, if you are already thinking about further study, this month is a great time to get any questions you might have answered and explore what next steps you might want to take.

Get involved

Try a new sport or fitness class this week

Every week there are over 60 hours of free sports sessions ranging from swimming and touch rugby to belly dance and aerobics, make this your week to get involved.

Your studies

Try something new: Public engagement

Getting involved in public engagement might seem daunting if you've never done it, but it can help you, your research – and there are plenty of ways – big and small that you can begin to get involved.

Learn something new

Why not take an elective module in a UCIL course?

Think Postgrad

Still considering your options for next year? A postgraduate course might be for you and there are plenty of events taking place this month to help you explore your options.

Developing the skills you need to survive your Masters course

We're a few weeks into semester and the reality of a Masters course is probably manifesting itself in your challenging workload, in the hours you need to spend in the Library and the contribution you are expected to make on a regular basis in seminars.

Thinking ahead

Broaden your horizons with a summer internship

It may be getting colder and darker as the winter months are closing in, but it's never too early to think about what you'll be doing next summer. Many big employers have already opened their applications for 2017 summer internships – and will start to close them towards the end of November – but why should you consider an internship?  

Your student life

5 new ways to explore your city

It's so easy to get stuck into the routine of everyday life on campus and let the countless opportunities as students in Manchester pass you by. This semester, get involved and set yourself a personal goal to introduce something totally different into your weekly schedule.

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