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Get involved

Got a business idea? Venture Out entries now open

Manchester Enterprise Centre is looking to support the next big idea from the University of Manchester through Venture Out 2016.

How do you have Your Say for Your Uni?

Do you know how you can influence changes at the University?  Your Say for Your Uni covers all the different ways that you can make your voice heard  - from being a rep (or just talking to your rep) to completing  student experience surveys.

Your student life

How to achieve a work/life balance when doing a PhD

The reality is that there is no such thing as an “average PhD week” and how you arrange your week will depend on a number of factors:

Get involved

Interested in checking out new tech? Get involved with Digilab!

Come down to the AGLC on Thursday, 3 November to DigiLaba place for you to interact with and learn about new technologies.  

Thinking ahead

Check out the Graduate Employment Timeline

So it’s your final year in Manchester and you keep hearing people talk about graduate jobs. You’ve probably seen and heard a lot about graduate schemes – many companies like to shout about these, and how now is the best time to apply. It’s true that a lot of these schemes are open right now, but these kinds of roles only make up a small part of what’s out there for graduates. Different sorts of jobs come up across the year, so make sure you know the best times and places to look for them.

Starting to write your first CV

Whether you’re looking for an internship or a part time job whilst you study, it’s so important to be able to impress potential employers with a well-presented, clear and concise CV.

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