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Getting ready to leave for Spring break

Whether you’re getting ready to leave for a long weekend or for the whole of the Spring break, we’ve put some tips together for you while you prepare to take some time out of Uni.

3 ways to make the most of your summer at home

The summer is not just a time to have a break, catch up with friends and explore somewhere new. It’s the perfect time to develop your skills, hopefully earn some money and gain some all-important work experience. With so many possibilities, we’ve put together three ways to make the most of your summer at home. Each of these ideas can help you to not only build-up your CV, but to help you talk up your experiences at interviews once you graduate.

Remember to give us your views

The NSS is still open and so far 36% of eligible students have completed it – so thank you if you have, but if you haven’t we’re really missing your opinions.

Building a relationship with your Master's supervisor

Whether you’re well underway or still thinking about your Masters dissertation or extended project,  one of the key things you’ll need to do is build a good relationship with your supervisor.

We want to hear about your experiences of being a researcher here

Next week, as part of the University’s commitment to listening to listening to students’ views, Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) will launch.

What's open over Easter

If you're staying on campus over the Easter break, or coming back early to get started on revision, make sure you know which services will be available to you.

It's OK it you don't know what you want to do

With Easter just around the corner and thoughts of your final exams quickly approaching, thinking about your next steps after University can be a rather stressful time. You don't need to know what you want to do but here are some tips and events where you can explore some options. 

Your dissertation: the top 8 things to check before you submit

After all the hard work you’ve put in to your dissertation, the last thing you’ll want is to lose marks on small things that were easily preventable. So ensure you give yourself enough time to proof read properly, to check your work meets the requirements of your course unit and to print off your work so that you’re fully happy with what you hand-in.

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