Top tips for keeping your belongings safe

Published on 22 February 17

Be assured, we work hard to make our campus as safe as possible, with four security teams patrolling 24/7 on foot and in cars and via CCTV all along Oxford Road. We respond quickly, and work closely with the Students' Union, the police, and other universities to keep Manchester a great place to live and study.

Unfortunately, that’s not always enough and at the moment we’re experiencing a spate of laptop thefts,  mobile phone and handbag snatches on and around campus. Many have happened during the daytime - thieves are probably targeting people who they feel are less cautious because it’s light.  Here are some simple things you can do to help keep your belongings safe:

If you see something on campus that you think is suspicious particularly bearing in mind this type of crime, please ring University Security if it’s on campus on 0161 306 9966 (on the back of your ID card) or Greater Manchester Police on 101.

If you’ve just witness an actual crime or have just had something stolen ring the Police on 999.

General security advice is available on the University’s Security website

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