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Published on 22 February 17

Not sure what you want to do after uni? Don’t panic, you’re not alone. While some graduate schemes with large employers will have closed, these schemes actually only account for around 20% of graduate-level jobs – which means there are plenty of options to explore when thinking about what you want to do next.

Check out different occupations, sectors and industries

Many job roles are open to graduates from any degree discipline, so there is lots of choice out there. It can be daunting, but it’s a good idea to look beyond the sectors that you already know about and see if anything sparks your interest. Consider looking into smaller companies that you may not have heard of before – there are actually many benefits of working for a small, independent company.

Explore jobs and career options

Career Planner

Prospects have a great tool that works to match your skills and personality to more than 400 job profiles. This is a fun and easy way to explore roles that are well suited to you.

Use the Planner

Still not sure what you want to do?

We’ve put together a full guide for those of you that are still unsure about your next step after you graduate. Remember that a job doesn’t have to be a job for life – most people will change roles several times, and may even change career paths entirely. You have plenty of time to try things out and learn what you want to do in the future.

Download the guide

Don’t forget to keep checking CareersLink for thousands of vacancies advertised to University of Manchester students.

In the meantime there’s still time to hone your CV with some of our handy tips and advice.

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