Focus on personal safety

Published on 30 September 16

Whether you've been here all summer or you're just settling in (or back in) you can’t help but have noticed how busy campus is and how much is going on throughout the city. It's part of what makes Manchester a great place to be a student and it is a relatively safe city for its size, but it's still really important that you know how to take care of yourself and your belongings.

From safe zones to safe taxis, take a look how you can help keep you and your friends safe.

Check that you know how to register your belongings, tips on looking after your stuff in public spaces and where you can get grade A bicycle locks at discount prices.

If you live in University Halls (or if you pass that way) why not pop into Great Court, Owens Park or the Picnic Area at Whitworth Park on Wednesday 5 October between 2 – 5pm for Personal safety day. Here you'll find information on everything from safer cycling information and marking your bike to cooking safely and looking after yourself on a night out.


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