There are 100,000 students in Manchester, how will you vote this General Election?

Published on 17 May 17

On Thursday, 8th June, the country will turn out to decide who governs for the next five years. They'll decide whether tuition fees should go up, down, or be scrapped entirely. They'll make decisions about the future of the NHS, housing, how much tax we'll pay and everything in between. The deadline to register to vote is by midnight the 22nd May.

The decision to part with the EU earlier last year left the UK in an unstable global political position. On April 18th, the shock announcement by Theresa May about an early election was triggered by the ongoing Brexit negotiation plans.  Due to the large population of students in Manchester between the ages 18-24, it is important we get your vote to count as this could have a significant influence on the polls.

The 100,000 Votes campaign is in full swing to encourage you to use your vote and make your voice heard on the issues that matter to you.

The way everyone registers to vote has changed, and as a student you can now register to in both your home constituency and here at Manchester; voting in both for local elections and choosing where your vote will count in the General Election.

But you have to register.

These changes have seen thousands of people drop off the electoral roll, and along with the Students' Union and the council, our mission this week is to make sure we register as many students as possible.

Come along to any of our events with your National Insurance Number and we'll sign you up there and then.

Remember, you do not have to register again if you have already done so for the Greater Manchester mayoral elections earlier this month (provided your details are the same).

All events are free and open to everyone.

For more information on the voting process, please see the FAQs.


Date and Location


Voter Registration Fair (free ice-cream van!)

18th May – Uni Place

11am – 4pm

Democratea stall

(Monday) 22nd May – Library

11am – 3pm


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