A lesson in study space etiquette

Published on 19 May 17

While it’s tempting to enjoy that crunchy bag of crisps, catch-up with your friend or listen to your favourite playlist on repeat, read some top tips on how not to annoy everyone in the library.

1. The one who slurps, crunches and chews

So you are finally managing to find your rhythm, you're in the zone until you hear that bag of crisps opening! Then the crunching of crisps and rustling of the bag begins. Please be mindful and try to avoid eating in your study space as it can distract others from their work, while also making desks messy. If you feel the urge to snack, fill in a take a break card and munch away in a campus cafe or on a sunny day have a picnic outside.

2. The ones who chit-chatter

It starts with the whispers, grows to more whispers and finally shrieks of laughter. Rinse and repeat throughout the day. Although not intentional, this can really distract people from studying as some may find it difficult to digest certain reading materials. If you really want to catch up with your friends, make time to do so and take a break from studying away from your quiet study space.

3. The one with a headphone-a-phobes

Headphones - an essential item for the library. But having headphones on with music playing full blast, doesn’t mean others can’t hear. No-one wants to feel like they are studying at a Coldplay concert. If you are using headphones, please be mindful of the sound level coming out of them.

4. The ones with the space hoggers
Sometimes space is scarce, especially during exam period. Although those free chairs and table space are ideal for your bag, some people need those spaces to study in. If you decide to leave for a long break, lockers for your laptops are available in both the main library and AGLC.

For additional tips on finding a space, laptop lockers, take a break cards or any other information regarding the library during the exam period, check out Exam Extra.

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