Leaving your accommodation for summer

Published on 1 June 17

Whether you’re leaving your accommodation for good or just leaving it empty for summer there’s plenty to think about as you’re getting ready to leave.


Leaving for good?


Make sure you leave everything in tip top condition so that you get your deposit back:


Take meter readings again and let the suppliers know that it's the last day of your tenancy.


Check your inventory and take any necessary photos.


Remember, it's up to you to replace light bulbs and fluorescent tubes.


Clean and tidy the property or you may be billed for the cleaning


Check out Manchester Student Homes  guide to getting your deposit back and remember you can contact them if you need any help and advice about your end of tenancy arrangements and how getting your deposit back should work.


Leaving for summer?


Read student blogger Jake’s top tips for leaving your house secure whilst you’re away.


And remember… Give it Don’t Bin it!


Whether you’re moving out, moving on or just taking a break there’s a good chance you’ll be having a good sort out. The annual give it don’t bin campaign is in full swing to help you donate you’re unwanted things.  Find out how where you can donate your unwanted things and food to charity.


The University Library can also rehome your unwanted textbooks through Textbook Rescue! Drop your unwanted books off at one of the Library sites and next year they’ll be offered to students who can use them!

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