Finalist checklist

Published on 1 June 17

Your time at University is quickly coming to an end but we don’t want you to forget us and there are still many services that are available to you. Here is a reminder of important things to follow up before and after you leave. 


Shutting down of IT account


Your University IT and email account will no longer be available to you after you have graduated.  Make sure you save any important emails or documents before you leave.  On the other hand, being an alumni means you will have access to the Your Manchester alumni portal. Just make sure you have updated your details in the student system.




Click here for the step by step process on collecting a copy of your degree certificate. Getting an official record of the grades you have achieved will be available to you from your graduation day. If you need electronic copies, online transcripts can be accessible through Digitary for free. 




After graduating, you’ll be part of the largest global alumni community in the UK.  Remember that the University is here to stay connected with you through exclusive events and opportunities as well as providing career support. Find out more on the alumni page on what’s available.


Career Service


After you graduate, you’ll still have access to the career services for two years. Make sure, you keep hold of your student ID or collect your Alumni card. The CareersLink website has some great resources on careers, finding a job and other similar information. Remember that when you have graduated you will have to create a new alumni account in order to access the job vacancies and events specifically for our graduates and students.

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